Weight Training Routines

Weight training helps you to build muscle and strength when
combined with the right nutrition.
If you are just beginning to add some muscle and tone up, then you need a weight training routine specifically for beginners.
If you have been lifting weights for several months and you
understand the exercises pretty well, then you should work with a more
challenging routine.

In this case, an intermediate training routine will be perfect. For experienced weight trainers, a specialized routine is what they
need, to continue with their fitness goals. However, there are several
exercises that can suit any of the weight training groups.
These include:

The Big Four

The deadlift, the bench press, shoulder press, and squats are some of the best weight training and strength building exercises.
The row and the chin-up are great too. However, they should not be the focus of your routine. Let them compliment the big four. They will help to pull your muscles in balance when you are undertaking the pressing ones.

The only variation when it comes to these exercises is the amount of weight that should be lifted.
If you are a beginner, then you should not attempt to lift very heavy weights. You will only be developing stronger bones, instead of building muscle and toning up.

Work With Barbells

Forget all the hype associated with all other equipment in the gym.
The barbell remains the king, while the dumbbell will always be the
queen. Everything else is just for filling up. Of course, it might have its
place, but it is not necessary at this point.

Your workouts should start with barbell exercises like the
big four outlined above.  Barbells will let you pack lots of weight. On the other hand, lifting heavy puts you on a path of more muscle and strength. Once you are done with the heaviest exercises, you can proceed to bodyweight training and the dumbbell.

Add weight slowly

One of the main reasons why people stop building muscle and strength and plateau is getting too heavy for long. Keep your ego aside stick
to 10% less in your main lifts, the most weight you can comfortably lift, with each rep range. Build up your weight slowly with each session and don’t go beyond 10 pounds with each addition.

Additionally, use the same lifts. If you follow that simple procedure, you will rarely plateau again. You should always remember that you are not going to the gym to compete. Everybody has their own fitness goals, and you should stick to yours.

Balance Your Training

You don’t want to be walking around town, with one arm bigger than the other. everything done on one side should apply to the other side of the body.
If you follow that rule during your weight training routines, you will be able to avoid muscle imbalances and injury. If you are doing Romanian deadlifts, follow it up with squats. When you do that, you will be
able to balance your hamstrings and the quads.

Your back training weight lifts should be balanced with chest lifts.
It is not necessary to balance out during the same day or workout
session. However, it should happen during the same week.

In simple terms, work with a ratio of two to one between your pushing and pulling routines. Therefore, if you do bench press on Monday, do a chin-up on Tuesday and a bent over lateral raise on Thursday. If you do that religiously, you will have an evenly muscled body.

Form is Key

If you want to get more out of your exercise, then you
should execute them with the right form. You will also be able to avoid
injuries that normally occur because of bad positioning. Here are some few tips to consider.

For the squats, push your hips back the farthest you can. Your lower back should be arched while your hamstrings should feel a stretch. Once your hips are bent, start bending your knees and while squatting low. Once you do that, you will be able to squat maximal weight.

If you are doing the bench press, your head should be off the bench when you are starting. Your feet should remain firm on the ground. Grab the bar then pull your body from the bench in a way that your lower back is arched when your butt hits the bench.


You should aim at improving your weight training sessions during each workout. Increase the intensity of each workout. This will help to create a better environment, which is going to promote muscle growth. That is your goal after all.