How to lose Weight Fast Without Exercise

Best Way To Lose Weight Fast

Have you ever imagined how possible it is to lose weight without spending time in the gym, engaging in stressful workouts, hard work, sweating or more? It’s time to clear the doubts and get things right.

The truth is, It is possible to lose weight without exercising.’ We all know how busy life can be. Daily office job combined with a list of endless chores at home can make it hard for most of us to dedicate some time for exercises.

The thought of losing weight without exercise must be a nice deal, right? But again, toning up your physique naturally, shredding fat and reaching your weight loss goals without doing a single exercise isn’t as simple as it may sound. However, this article will enlighten you on the tips on weight loss without exercises.

How can I lose a pound a day without exercise?

You can do so by incorporating a couple of changes to your diet and lifestyle. These include:

Modifying your diet as much as you can

Diet modification starts by counting the number of calories you take to knowing the type of food to include in your plate.

Calorie tracking

Start by modifying your calorie intake. This is through being aware of how much you can take to lose weight. If you want to lose one pound each day, you’ll have to reduce your calorie intake as much as possible.

1200-1500 is the recommended number. However, the numbers differ depending on your individual body needs. To help you figure out the number of calories to take, you can use an online calculator where you can input your height, weight, age, and activity to get the number of calories you can take.
However, be sure not to eliminate too many calories daily because it might lead to dietary deficiency.

Proteins are good

These are very satiating. They take longer to be digested. This makes you feel full for longer. By adding protein to your diet, you can expend as much as 100 kcal. A meal made up of 30% protein can reduce your energy intake by 441 kcal which helps you burn fat and lose weight. 

Increase your fiber intake

For very few calories, a high-fiber diet can help you feel full and eliminate fat intake. Go for more soluble fiber. It increases gut transit and helps to curb high appetite. 

Add supplements

Potent supplements like chili, pepper, green tea, and caffeine are great fat burners. They also help to reduce appetite and enable you to lose weight quickly. 

Drink more and more water

A 500ml of water after and before every meal can help boost your metabolic rate. Water is essential and can help you lose weight quickly. 

Eat a balanced diet

Go for a calorie-controlled diet that includes all the five major food groups. Fruits and vegetables are dense foods that contain low fat and calories. They are also good for your waistline. Other food groups to consider are the lean proteins, whole grains, vitamins, minerals and fiber and many more. If it is snacking, then choose healthy snacks. They should be calorie-controlled as well. 

Get enough rest

A 7-9 hour sleep is recommended for good health and wellness. Sleep is also important for weight loss. Studies have shown that those who sleep for less than seven hours have higher chances of gaining weight compared to those who have adequate sleep. Sleeping well means eliminating all disturbances from electronics and practicing hygienic sleep. 

Increase your physical baseline activities

There are those non-exercise activities that you can engage yourself in. These are unstructured activities that are not from sports or any other form of exercise. They include walking up and down stairs, doing daily chores and walking to and from your car and many more. These activities can keep you moderately active making it easy for you to lose weight. Increase your baseline activities each day. You can end up losing a lot of pounds quickly. 
How do I lose 10 pounds fast?

It’s simple. 

• Eat few calories and more of lean proteins. 
• Eat whole foods and avoid junk and processed foods. 
• You can also increase your baseline activities for an active lifestyle. 
• Keep all the unhealthy foods out of sight. 
• Drink plenty of water.

What exercises can I do to lose 10 pounds in a week?

To lose ten pounds isn’t a joke. Besides, it is not safe as well. However, apart from incorporating lifestyle and diet changes, you can still do smart exercises such as burpee back up, burpee twist, single-leg burpee, break dancing, plank dip, half moon, catapult squat jump, and rock in the cradle and many more. You can repeat these exercises without resting in between moves. 

Lifestyle habits can help you lose weight without necessarily going to the gym or dedicating too much time for exercises. These habits are pretty simple and include eating small portions of healthy food, drinking more water, sleeping well, tracking your calorie intake, and increasing your baseline activities.

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