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Gym Workout Routines For Females

Every woman encounters those trouble zones that require some more work, to tone and tighten.
One of them is the lower abs. many females fear to go to the gym because they have the perception that they will end up looking
bulky like men.

What you should know is that women don’t have the same body requirements and hormones needed to build bigger frames like men.
Therefore, with a good workout plan and the right nutrition, you will get in shape and end up with a toned body.

Here are some few workouts that you should implement.

Single-leg Deadlift

The reason why this exercise is popular is that it tones and lifts the glutes while activating the entire core.
Once you have a strong core, you will be able to prevent back pains. Standing on your left foot, grab
some dumbbells.

Gym Workout

Lift your right foot slowly behind you as you bend your knee.
Once you do that, your right lower leg should be parallel to the floor. From
your hips, bend forward then lower your body slowly, as much as you can.
Pause for some few seconds, and then return to the starting position. Keep the
chest up and the core engaged during the whole movement.

Side Plank

This is a simple yet very effective exercise. If you want to shrink and tighten your waistline,
then this should be your secret weapon.
It activates the deep abdominal muscles such as the transverse abdominus and
the obliques, which are not reached by many abs exercises.

Lying on your left side and your knees straight, use your left elbow and forearm, to prop your
upper body. Raise your hips slightly until your body is positioned in a
straight line, from the shoulders to the ankles. Maintain this position for
around thirty seconds. Move over to your right side, and repeat the exercise.


The pushup is a classic exercise that never seems to go away.
It works the whole body, helping you to tighten your chest muscles while
burning a significant number of calories. this helps to remain perky in your

Get down on your hands and legs, keep your feet closer, while your arms
should be slightly wider than your shoulder line.
Lower your body slowly, until you are nearly touching the floor surface with your chest. Go back to the
starting position.
Ensure that your core is braced while your hips are lifted,
during the entire movement. Additionally, don’t move with the force of gravity.
Lower yourself slowly to get more from this exercise.


Bridges are good exercises for enhancing a perfectly rounded
rear and keeping your back pain free and healthy.
With your face facing up, your feet flat and your knees bent, raise your hips slowly so that a straight
the line is formed from the knees to the shoulders.

Pausing in the up position for a few seconds, lower your body to the starting position.
Repeat this position once in a while, and you will start getting noticed, thanks to your new look.


This exercise is meant to target the muscles in your hamstrings and glutes.
This helps to create stronger and leaner legs together with a lifted, tighter rear.
Step-ups can also work your quadriceps, because they require knee straightening, against resistance.
For execution, find a bench or a step, and stand in front of it.

Firmly place your left leg on the bench and raise your body up until your leg is straight.
Lower back your body to the starting position until you touch the floor with your right foot. Repeat
the movement for around 5 to 10 times, until you feel your hamstrings tighten.
Keep your core engaged and chest up, during the entire time.
Your weight should also be evenly balanced, not leaning too far back or forward.

Cardio intervals

Your training routine should incorporate some high-intensity
interval training. This will help you to burn more calories, within a shorter
period instead of slow endurance exercises.
You can work with any cardio equipment, such as a treadmill, jump rope,
elliptical machine, or bike, among others.


Majority of weight talks and fitness news out there, only focus on high rep and low weight training for women.
However, you don’t have to stick to one boring exercise, just because your friend is using it. Experiment
with different workout exercises, and it will be fun, instead of the same boring routines.